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We love design, that’s how we got here.

Excellence is the standard we aspire to at PaGo where we supply quality products manufacture from all over the world. We don’t just supply units, appliances and furniture; we aim to bring your luxurious living aspirations to life – locally. A passion for creativity, intimate product and technical knowledge, personal service and meticulous attention to detail are the attributes we pride ourselves in.

From our inception in 1997, our promise to our customers has not changed. Whatever room you want to transform in your house, our product coordinators are available to offer their knowledge in utilizing space and utility to create inspirational design area for you. Our service includes full consultation and advice to design and installation of your new kitchen, bathroom and furniture.

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The kitchen is the central living space in any flat or house. It acts as the occupant’s visiting card, with the quality of the interior fittings reflecting their user’s quality of life. Whether the style is functional or imposing, the economy or premium range offers an individual solution to suit your budget for every floor plan and any room size.

Visit our specialist kitchen showrooms showcased with our high-quality products and they will plan your personal dream kitchen for you, tailored to your needs and requirements. Made in Germany – the combination of technical progress and many years of experience is the basis of our production. Selection and processing of high-grade materials at our suppliers site determines our product quality. At our ultramodern manufacturing facility in “the world’s kitchen centre” our manufacturer makes our products to high environmental standards.


In recent years there has been a sea change in bathroom design. No longer the last rooms to be considered in a home makeover, bathrooms are getting just as much attention as other spaces. But the great array of new bathroom products, materials and accessories makes it that much harder to know what will work best for your project, which is why PaGo can help. The company works with homeowners, architects and design professionals to assist in the planning of bathroom products for both residential and commercial.

Bath Division encompasses an extensive family of brands from around the world that manufacture plumbing products and cabinetry to the residential, commercial and industrial markets. For those whom quality really matters, there is no other option when it comes to sanitary ware and sanitary fittings.


Apart from the above we deal with other related products like home automation, flooring solutions, building drainage, window fashions to name a few. Our specification consultants can assist at all stages of the design process, from project design and product sourcing to project pricing and technical support. Each project begins with an in-depth discussion of requirements, followed by extensive product research, proposals, final specification and ongoing support through to completion.

“We can save clients time and money by offering a complete specification service for building projects.”

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